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Concours enable - main Steampunk… get the chance to present it during the Nantes Maker Fair on July 9 and 10 2016

At French Steampunk, we have strong opinions, we believe in self comittment and we are really happy to involve ourselves into solidarity and ethical actions. Here is the last project we sustain : take a part into the e-Nable competition drawing the next super cool 3D printed prothesis to help disabled people into their day to day life.

DIY fans, makers and Steamers, get your 3D printers ready!

Since the Steampunk movement began spreading the Internet, some geeks revealed to be really interested into prothesis. Why not dreaming of a mechanlical arm to wear and actually use daily, giving the impression to be or to live the life of a super hero like Hellboy? Actually, during conventions, people wearing those kind of custom mechalical body parts are really popular amongst people in general. And there are plenty of Steamers who actually dream about building one themselves – although they have no ability to do so.

Let’s get ready to make your dreams come true! Help disabled people by imagining and designing their next super cool steampunk prothesis which would help them in their daily lives.

E-Nable is an non profit organization specializing in creating and manufacturing hand prothesis via a 3D printer. To take a part in the competition, you first need to choose the hand type you would like to customize. Next step is printing this hand. You have no idea where to find a 3D printer? No problem, go to the nearest FabLab. The hand is ready, then may the sky be the limit to your Steampunk Creativity! Customize customize!

Prothesis can be of any size, we just recommend to add a gauntelet or a special way to fix the hand to ease the fitting of the hand.

Please note that to be registered as a participant, each prothesis must be sent to e-Nable by the end of May 2016, including a description of the participant/ of the team (max 20 lines) + picture. Every prothesis will be displayed during the Maker Fair Nantes with a description of their creator.

During this Fair, which will take place on July 9 & 10 at Les Machines de l’Ile, visitors will vote for their favourite project and 3 winners will be selected.

In addition to a huge publicity on Social Media recognizing their creativity, competition winners will be granted Copperfill and Bronzefill metal infused 3D printer filament.

The displayed prothesis will be kept by e-NAble, unless specific notice has previously been given by the creator.

Please visit the website for more information.

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